Made by Ronaldbabe - For StudioBlue MZ Gamejam

This is a Love Story.

Game is 10-mins long, 20-mins at max if you read the dialogues.


RPG Maker MZ Giveaway by StudioBlue

Yanfly plugins


Photos and Cutscene Drawings by myself

Teddy Bears in cover image, who have been staying with me for a decade

Watch this after finishing the game pls:


Download 104 MB

Development log


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This was a trip

Cute, funny, and a bit schizophrenic. I didn't finish because I got stuck in a hallway (after descending into basement under bed)... Couldn't find an exit. But maybe I'm dumb. So yeah, couple bugs and mapping could use some sprucing up. But good work!

The story is so silly I love it XD

This was phenomenal I loved this game way more than expected it had me actually dying. Super well done that plot twist and great humor throughout. The game has a good bit of endings I believe I found them all great job again! my full play through here: 

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Thank you and i’m super happy to hear you enjoying it! The game is also funnier than i originally had planned. 

(And makoto itou is the boy from school days)

(And lemme force people into testing my game with Stephanie’s scream)

Ah yes... school days that's definitely a fitting reference to what was going on with the yandere squad lol. Thanks for responding and the game was great again hope to run into more of your games in the future keep up the good work :D.